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Letter to 25-year-old myself

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

‘Sir !!!’ Suresh said walking up to me. I was packing and clearing my desk to leave office for the day.

‘Kya Hua?’ I had read anxiousness on his face and wanted to know what was pricking him.

‘Transferred’ ☹, ‘I was not consulted’.

‘Where?’ I continued to pack and clear.

‘Pune Sir, it was so sudden’.

I looked at him, he was terrified, and his voice was shivering. ‘So, what is the problem? you are from Pune, completed your Post Graduation there, now you have chance to be with you family, would save on your living expenses and you will be among your childhood & college friends each day’. ‘I don’t see a problem'.

I realised that he was staring at me while he was joined by other two interns and were also transferred to Pune.

‘Also, when you land at Pune you would no more be interns, would be full time employee of a company, what else would you ask for, count your blessings’ I continued.

There was silence at their end, they were intently focused to what I was saying. ‘Moreover, you are in an industry that is growing and has immense potential to absorb many more youngsters like you’. I picked my bag, shook hands wishing them good luck. They were still and were not aware of what was going on, I walked away.

Advice to 24-year-old ourselves

  • Never turn down an opportunity, they will heighten your life and provide you perspectives

  • Take one challenge at a time. Sometimes, if you are not consulted, it’s an opportunity.

  • Being invited counts, imagine those who are yet to get job invites.

  • As a traveller in your career you should carry a map with guides you to reach for next few years, you can’t plan your lifetime.

  • Stay out of your own way, many times you are the biggest hurdle for the person in the mirror.

  • Rush will lead you to retirement too soon, then, you will have lot of time to ponder that you have nothing to do. Slow down, there is no rush, but ample opportunities.

Two most feared words even by C-suit executives are ‘uncertainty’ and ‘setbacks’. Instead what needs focus is ‘Better Yourself‘ and ‘Stay Interested‘. Step-by-step and week-by-week, focus on these two intentionally so that you benefit more. It is easier to know yourself better than others, more easier is to do things that are you are familiar with. So, make yourself more valuable than anything else leading to positive changes. Everything else will fall in place.

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