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We specialize in Facility Design and Audits, Testing & Commissioning, Facility Transitions,

and Technical Due Diligence of all types of Buildings. 

We cater to all building elements like Civil & Structural, Electrical, HVAC,

Fire protection & Public address, PHE & treatments, Security & surveillance,

BMS & LMS, and Energy systems. 

Facility Audits

Our tool-based approach to measure statuses and maintenance progress assists with a snapshot of how the various systems and components are operating.

Projecting future issues, CAPEX due to aging & changing environment are our speciality .

Checking the Temperature

Technical Due Deligence

Challenges such as maintenance gaps, compliance risks, and structural problems can skew real estate investments. 

Our Technical Due Diligence provides detailed information about the property before any commitment. 

Our services have helped investors make the right decisions with allowances for future maintenance and repairs.

Testing & Commissioning

Early Commissioning, planning, and implementation actions ensure commissioning activities to comply with design & best practices, intentions, and safety before placing into services. 

With several years and projects in T&C, our SMEs will provide their expertise and knowledge during Project Completion Management.

Fixing Electricity Lines
Building Under Construction

Design Diligence

The health of the building is as necessary as designing it. 

At design diligence, we focus on adherence to norms, regulations, codes & standards, and achievement of a higher degree of maintainability. 
Design Due Diligence, when conducted at the early stages of the project during design discussions, provides the right mix of the context, user experience, current opportunities, and future proof of building components.

Transition Management

Bridging the Gap.

We utilize our Project Management skills and experiences to identify performance gaps and identify asset & operational risks while managing the transition. Through Planning, Preparation, and Participation, we work the Facility transition program to its entirety.

Hotel Key

Specification Management

Bespoke service. 

Specification development and Project Documentation is all about being Complete and Clear. Our involvement in all phases of the project and on-site experience make us uniquely positioned to handle this management area. Technical writing of project specifications, pre-, during- and post-implementation documentation is our bespoke service.

Project Management

Project Journey is most important. 

With Specialists, Experts, and accredited professionals, we plan and execute a complete suite of customized Project Management services for investors and commercial real estate users of varied sizes and other uses.

Modern Interior Design
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